Life isn’t easy.

There will be twists and turns down the road. There will be opportunities you will miss. You will be frustrated, stressed, and constantly questioning things.

The important thing to remember is to keep holding on. If you let go and give up now, how are you going to reach the goals that your teenage-self planned out? Are you living in New York and studying at NYU? Are you starting a career towards Writing and Photography? Goals change as people do. Even if you’re not doing these specific things, I know you made wise decisions. I know you’re happy because you didn’t give up — you held on.

Although life seems difficult and stressful now, soon you will realize that it’s too short to be worrying about little things. Enjoy these moments while they last because time isn’t something you can control. Time is like sand; it escapes your closed fist no mater how tightly you try to hold on to it.

Don’t live with regret for the rest of your life.

Just keep holding on.

The Younger You,




Shikha Nischal
California, USA

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