Dear me,

Me, myself — we told you, to never confuse career with a life — an exciting life.

Even if you cringe and realize that it did not happen, please know that I still sincerely love you. I consider you, my dear Anna, as a person with a big heart and potential, yet sometimes being very naïve.

“Naïve of what?” you would ask me in a high-pitched voice.

I know that you do not appreciate lecturing. However, because I know your big ego is currently exploding, I will just put a piece of tape on your mouth and allow you to listen to me.

First, to survive, you got to have a tough layer of unbreakable skin, a shield that will protect you.

Second, a man’s glimpse does not determine who you are.

Yet, do not forget the magical and mysterious word “love” — is my number three.

Never let sensitivity blind your eyesight; they showed who they are, and their inner demons.

Do not forget to smile. Grandpa always said that your laugh is what extended his presence on the beautiful planet Earth. Please don’t cry. Not even one single tear. At least, do it for him.

Remember, even if Mom or your pup is not with you physically, they are keeping a sharp eye on you.



P.S. Visit his grave, at least once in your lifetime.



Anna SharudenkoAnna Sharudenko

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