by Luísa D’Araujo

I try to be the most honest with me

Sometimes I’m lost

 Sometimes I know I make wrong choices

Life shows me so many colors 

But where should I look?

This path is not easy when you are alone.

So be patient, I’ve been trying

Finding myself has been a continuous search

My friends have been moving away 

And maybe it’s not my fault.

Only paths become bridges,

And a lot go through, but we’re here.

And we’re trying to find what’s missing.

Because we can’t move on 

Without knowing what afflicts us

Our little “me” needs help

Be patient with yourself

It’s a long road 

And sometimes hard

But be patient

Show your truth

 And not be afraid

To hear the truth and to say it’s not okay

Because we’re trying 

Dear me 

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