Dear past me,

Too often I’m asked to write to future me, or I guess right now it’s present me. Time’ll mess you up, homie. But you’re always writing to the future because there could be someone there to read it. The only reader of the past is the present. It is an introspection for the future. Trippy, huh? Alright, let’s get cheesy.

You’re focused so much on concepts of coolness. While that may be fun at lunchtime, look where that gets you on Saturday nights: watching Toonami and looking at My Little Pony memes. Oy, it makes me shutter to write the latter. Start doing things, dude. You like drawing, but never did anything with it. Take lessons. You think Picasso took lessons? HELL YES HE DID. THAT’S PARTLY WHY HE GOT SO GOOD AND FAMOUS BECAUSE HE KNEW THE RULES AND EXACTLY HOW TO BREAK THEM!!!

Learn a thing or two about music. No, not the Black Eyed Peas; they are trash. All that music your brother gave you? He gave you that because he wanted you to listen to it. It’s sooooo good. Get serious about music. Start really playing it. Learn the techniques so you’re not just making noise. Stop being such a one-dimensional consumer. Learn about the arts and theatre and new and different perspectives. The world is a big place. You are an important part of it, but only if you make something of yourself. So listen to The Strokes. It’s a starting point. Never find an ending point until after you’re dead. You are endless.





Jaime Monsher

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