Dear Past Me: Live, Love, and Appreciate

Dear Nilanjana Rai,

Hi, hope you are doing fine. I believe you are either A) eating at the cafeteria alone — which is not because you don’t have any friends, just for the sake of not getting hurt — or B) you might just be worrying about what all you did to others and what all happened to you in the past. I just want to tell you that, “Everything will be fine. Give it time.” I know your stubborn self will not listen to anyone, but look around you. Look at the beauty around you. Appreciate that. But before you appreciate the things around you… appreciate you. Love yourself. Stop being too hard on yourself. Just stop right there — yes, there — and just breathe. I know you will be loved. You are wanted, you are amazing, and don’t let your inner demons hunt you down.



Your Future Self



Nilanjana Rai is a 22-year-old from India. She’s in university and loves to keep herself busy. Music is her life, and she loves to sing. Her favorite novel is Jane Eyre, and her favorite painting is “Starry Night.” She loves how mysterious yet simple life is.

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