Dear Self,

I haven’t been writing for myself–excuse me, for you–ever since I met the people around my life: family, friends, loved ones, and that special someone. The idea of giving time to myself seemed useless; people needed me even more than I need myself.

But time came, and I suddenly see myself slowly falling apart. I became someone I never thought I would be; crying more, sulking, and diving deeper into the dark abyss. I saw black and gray, all the bright colors seemed useless in my sight—happiness came short and fast.

Then I realized, I can’t just let myself turn into someone who saw things as dull. I can’t always tell myself that life is sad and depressing. I can be someone who saw positivity in everything—someone who gave thought to the smallest gestures and the little things.

And so, please be much happier, dear self. You are worth more than the tears you shed, the days you trapped yourself in the bathroom, the times you cut yourself to feel alive. You are worth more than the whispers you hear in the hallways, the screams they gave you out of stressful anger, the bruises you got from running away.

You are stronger and much more worth it than this. So please, as the person who you were back then, as the person who saw you at your absolute worst—do better for yourself. You are a priority. You are a person who’s truly worth it.

All the love,





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Mia Macalino is just a 15-year-old girl living in the Philippines who loves to read, write, play games, and sketch (occasionally). Sometimes, she blogs about stuff and takes pictures of books on her bookstagram, too.

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