Dear Tomorrow Me

Dear Tomorrow Me,

You are going to be in high school in less than twenty-four hours. I have a few words of advice from your relaxed summer self. You’ve learned so much about yourself this summer, and I promise this school year is going to be just fine. Better than just fine. You are beautiful, smart, amazing, and a great friend. It feels good to hear these from someone else, but it’s about time you hear them from yourself. Until you can believe it, it won’t show.

Confidence will make all the difference. You aren’t going to be perfect all the time. Forget about that. Love yourself all the time, and it will help so many parts of your life. That person you want to be is inside of you, and you won’t find her by changing yourself. You won’t have that graceful self-assurance you want if you are always self-conscious. Relax. It really doesn’t matter what people think of you. Cliché, I know, but the more experience you have the more you will come to realize how true it is.

Relax. People don’t care what you wear. The only person that it will affect is you. When you pick out your clothes, choose what makes you most comfortable in your own skin. Looking nice isn’t so others will notice you. It’s so you can help yourself feel more confident. Remember that. There are too many things in your life that you do for other people when they are supposed to be for yourself.

I’ll say it again: relax. Wake up in the morning and feel good. Look out the window. It’s a beautiful day. Let yourself notice those little things that mean so much to you. Look in the mirror, but instead of thinking how good someone else may or may not think you look, know that you are gorgeous. Inside and out. Your opinion about yourself is the only one that matters. Your body is perfect the way it is. Don’t compare it to others. Don’t obsess over exercise and healthy eating. You like those things, so do them because it feels good, not because it makes you look better to others. Likewise, write for yourself. Play piano and guitar for yourself. Guess what? Your art is for you too. See what I told you? There are way too many things that you want to make into something to show off.

So be yourself. Don’t look around and try to pick out what you like about others and add it to yourself. They are them. You are you. Be you. The people close to you will love you for that. Love them back. Be forgiving. Don’t assume they think one thing or another about you. Trust them, and earn their trust in return. You can do it. Put in the effort to build those relationships you want, and I promise you will get them.

Remember what I said at the beginning about your “relaxed summer self”? That was dumb. There is no reason why your high school self has to be stressed. You are strong. Just don’t forget that it’s okay to be weak. You are human. Embrace it. Don’t regret the mistakes. Let yourself be happy. You deserve it. Be spontaneous. There are bright places all around you. Keep an eye out for them. Celebrate them. You’ve got God, family, and friends. You are never alone. You’ve also got yourself. That counts for a lot.

I know this sort of seems like an endless list of do’s and don’ts, but there’s no reason it has to be like that. It’s more of an outlook on life than a set of rules. Most importantly, remember to enjoy life. Love yourself. It’s the first love story you will get to be a part of. You are the first forever friend you’re going to have. When you learn to love yourself, loving others will come so much easier. Relax. I love you. I have complete faith that you can love yourself, too.



Jessica Zimmerman

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