Dear Younger Self

Dear Younger Self,

Things are good. You’re doing well at school, and you’re getting along with the parents. You’re happy with yourself finally, and you’re chasing after the things you love in life. You are on the road to creating yourself and being the person you wanted to be. You have friends that make you laugh, and the negative thoughts that used to pound through the inside of your brain are slowly beginning to leak out.

Things aren’t perfect, and they never will be, but it’s okay because you’re trying and things are working out.

You’re a good kid. You do your homework and help with the chores. You try your best in most things and are developing your hobbies and passions. You don’t spend your entire time unconnected from the world either on a device or with a head in a book. You are trying to be a little more social.

Each year you learn something new and it changes you. Some changes are good, and others could be better, but you’re growing and shaping into a person.

You don’t feel so easily jealous these days, nor do you develop crushes that quickly. You don’t fret over petty problems, and you actually have friends that are guys (you got over the boy cooties too, btw!).

I know things are tough, and I know you’re confused about who you are and what you want. Even now, I can’t tell you for sure what those things are, but isn’t the most important thing to try? I promise things get better.

My only advice to you is to enjoy the good things in your life. Enjoy the freedom and your innocence. Don’t stress over the little things, and remember to be yourself. Just be yourself and let everything else fall into place.

Life is precious, and the most important thing to do is to live and love it.


Your 15-year-old self



Anisha is 15 years old and lives in Australia. She blogs over at

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