I loved you once.
Wasn’t for too long,
Because you forbid me from it, remember?
It started, and it stopped.
It began from a word to a wink
And ended with a wink and your word.
I loved you, not for too long.

Let’s talk physics:
If the x-axis was time,
And the y-axis was the
Displacement of my heart from its mean position
Every time my eyes met yours,
Then the average slope
Of my palpitations—
My oscillations against time would
Be almost none at all, flat like the earth
From the middle of an empty field.

But assume point K on the x-axis
When the y-value reaches maxima,
And calculate from it the instantaneous
Velocity that is my love:
And you get this momentary vector
That’s flying off the charts into
Infinity, because that’s what you
Get as time approaches zero,
You get a little, momentary infinity.




Soham Bagchi is a high school student living in Gurgaon, India. He writes poetry and prose (enjoys structured verse), listens to music, and has many other interests, all tied together by his determination and passion. You can find more of his work at sohambagchi.wordpress.com.

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