Mind Maze

Discovering Your Mind Maze

Mind Maze

Boys, get strapped in tightly and grab a steady hold onto the railings. Girls, take a seat and get comfy. This roller coaster ride is about to begin…

If you have ever been interested in the mind of a female, you might find this appealing, but do us a favor and don’t think we are all identical. Women have different ways of thinking, different paths in our mind to the same destination, and here is the secret: We don’t even know how we get there. That’s why there’s a stereotype about women being “bad with directions.” We are obligated to map out our own mind and therefore don’t have time to do the same with the outside world’s roads.

Ladies, let me know if this is accurate: Discovering that your best friend is spreading nasty rumors about you sends you straight to plots of revenge. You never willingly decide to be crude about it, but somehow the gear is stuck in full throttle and there is no way out until the score is even. When your sister mocks the way you laugh one too many times, an arrow pierces your tear ducts and causes a flood. You once again have no control and try to shut the door, but our mind muscles are weak once the barrier is broken. When your room is pitch black and the cupboard door creaks as the dog starts barking, the lights in your mind go out too, and you can’t find a path, let alone the light switch. Fear creeps into every corner of the maze in your mind until your mom comes into your room to tell you goodnight.

These are just singular paths to the same emotional destination when in reality there are thousands. Depending on the situation and the time we have to react to it, we take shortcuts (sometimes only to get subjected to the maze) or stick with one of a few well-known routes (that we start growing weary of and that eventually disappears without warning, forcing us to venture onto a new road). See, we often try to label out the paths, only to be lead back to the starting point when we have been trying to get to the room of tears. We don’t control these roads or how we explore them; only when the time is right and the situation calls for it do we discover new destinations and well-known rooms, secret passages, and dark corners.

The thing is, we don’t have to. The only reason to be concerned is if you deny having a mind maze. Truth is, it shows how we are unique. It sets us apart from others. Sure, there are certain rooms we need to expand (forgiveness, love, kindness, integrity) and others we need to diminish (hate, anger, irrationality). We can rest easy knowing that we are never alone. There will always be that little voice guiding you in the right direction, and it is there that we have the choice to listen or to ignore. Take it from all those with experience who have told you the same: The voice is never wrong, because with it your mind can become your city and no longer your maze.

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