DIY projects are simple, fun, and affordable. They’re great ways to define your own unique style and stand out without having to spend a fortune. Here’s a few of our team’s all-time favorite DIY projects:


T-shirt Bracelet:

One of my favorite DIY projects is a T-shirt bracelet. They are relatively simple to make and require minimal materials.

What you’ll need:DSC00655b

  • T-shirts
  • beads
  • tape
  • scissors

What to do:

  • cut your shirt into various thin strips – make sure they are very thin!
  • gather at least 2 strands and knot them together at the top
  • tape the knotted end on a surface so it is sturdy
  • use the remaining end to braid or knot the fabric into a pattern of your choice
  • tie the ends together

T-shirt bracelets are a great way to put your old clothes to good use. Instead of throwing your old clothes away, you can repurpose them into super cute bracelets. And there are so many different designs you can incorporate into your custom bracelet! You can add beads and glitter or play with different colors or widths…you name it. The possibilities are endless!


Cut-Out Tee:

A cut-out back tee is the perfect playful piece for summer. Wear it to the beach paired over a bathing suit or throw a brightly colored tank underneath for a fun pop of color.

What you’ll need:2fb0846992e927ebdbf4ac78c3b3de47

  • T-shirt
  • chalk
  • scissors

What to do:

  • lay the T-shirt on a flat surface – slide cardboard inside the shirt for sturdiness
  • trace the outline of the pattern of your choice in chalk on the back of the shirt
  • use scissors to carefully cut out the design

Be as creative as you want to get with the pattern. Be sure to leave enough room to cut the pattern out properly; otherwise, if the holes are too close together, they will tear.


Patterned Shorts:

Patterned shorts instantly spruce your everyday uniform. Paired with a white tee and flats, a custom pair of denim will give you that easy statement piece that you need.

What you’ll need:

  • denim jean shorts
  • scissors
  • sandpaper
  • fabric glue
  • fabric paint
  • add-on decorations (beads, patterned jersey fabric, lace, grommets, embellishments)

What to do:shorts-revamped1

  • Lace

○     cut out a section of lace

○     use fabric glue to adhere the lace on the denim

○     wipe away any excess glue

○     place a heavy object on the lace to fasten to the denim

  • Tie-Dye

○     soak shorts in 2 parts bleach, 1 part water

○     tie up shorts with rubber bands

○     soak in dye for 15 minutes

○     lay out to dry overnight

  • Patterned edges

○     glue the fabric of your choice on the inside leg – pattern side down

○     turn fabric upright so it sits on top of the bottom seam of the shorts

○     glue edges down

  • Embellished

○     Glue embellishments along the front and back pocket edges, the belted seams, or at the bottom stitches. For something a little more edgy, place a cluster of the embellishments or studs all along one side of the shorts or all along the pockets.


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