DIY: Owl Pumpkin

I have an unhealthy obsession with owls. I don’t know what it is about them, but I just can’t seem to control myself when I see something with an owl on it. Since the 5th grade, I have maintained an owl collection that no longer fits on my shelf. My 12th birthday party was owl themed. Yes. That is what you are dealing with.
Fall is here and Halloween is, very sadly, over. If you are anything like my family, you probably still have random pumpkins or maybe even gourds left over from Halloween. You so urgently ask, “What do I do with all these Cucurbita (This is the legitimate name for vegetation of this sort. Yay for fancy words!)?” Well, here is an easy and very quick solution:

Owl Cucurbita

1. Find a white pumpkin. Squash or gourds work, too, but a pumpkin would be best.

2. Draw your owl design on it with a pencil.

3. Using a permanent marker, trace over your design. The more detail you use here, the better the pumpkin will look.

4. Find a cute way to display your owl and enjoy!



Idea inspired by: Ashley Hackshaw (a.k.a. Lil Blue Boo)

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