I was a faerie child with flower stem wrists and eyes that saw too much.
You said that through my veins flowed the blood of sapphires,
But it was only my anaemic skin which gave off this illusion.
You took me to the forest and made me choose;
“The palace or the graveyard, which will it be, my lovely?”
You did not know that even then I craved all rotting things.
I longed for dark elixirs containing knowledge of decay,
I longed for immortality,
I was only a child, you see.
He called me his demonic doll and carried me through the tombstones.
Inhaling death’s sweet musk perfume,
I laughed with sheer delight.
You let me play among the graves, while you lay down your lilies.
I was a living girl among the dead and I did not understand.
Beneath one tomb I found the corpse of a frozen baby fox.
Nausea roiled inside me,
Acid burned under my tongue.
My little body trembled, and down I fell;
A songbird whose wings are clipped, shaking in the dirt.




shona-christieShona Christie is a 21-year-old college student majoring in philosophy. She spends her time dancing in the woods to classic rock as well as reading and writing on rooftops. More of Shona’s poetry can be found on her Tumblr: intothe-labyrinth.tumblr.com.

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