Try to find some trace
of me in the sky. Even
after it clouds with

lost dreams & divine
decks of cards meant for more than
just play. Because I’m

not sure I can find
my way back all alone. Give
me an ocean to

fall into. Just a
sorrowed soul ready to sweep
me up. Please surround

me & drown me in
love. Keep me sheltered in reefs
of coral, crystal

cartilage now new
and healed. I know I broke your
heart. But maybe if

we wished upon a sea
star, waited for the moon to
rise above waves, then we

might be different, changed
by tides and by time. This is
what I want when the

wind is warm & I’m
stranded in skies tinged with songs
leftover from when we

were happy and still
an us. I guess that’s passed now
in celestial

phases of silence.
But I still miss you when I
see silver studded

horizons, dark; true.
They make me think of you &
the way we sank twelve

thousand leagues beneath
spectral seas. I wish we could
have built lives there with

sunken sand castles,
capturing creatures filled with
magic. But we couldn’t

stay. We drifted far
away from that shore. Find me,
before I lose you



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