The beautiful melody of a harp is not heard as often these days, and that’s a true shame. Luckily for us, Emilie has kept the art alive and has used her beautiful playing to recreate Taylor Swift’s “Style.” Her voice is pretty but original, and this version deserved to get retweeted by Taylor herself (see below!).

While this cover only showcases Emilie and her harp, Emilie & Ogden usually has two more members.

Here’s the rundown of the band, according to their Facebook page:

  • Emilie Kahn — voice, harp
  • Jesse Mac Cormack — guitar, bass, banjo, voice
  • Francis Ledoux — drums

Oh, and you can’t forget her harp, Ogden. If you like her cover of “Style,” then you should check out some of their original songs, which also have that gorgeous, folk music sound.

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