End-of-Summer Date Ideas

couple beach sun

Dating and summer go hand in hand. It’s warm out, you can enjoy yourself, and you can get to know your potential suitor all at once. Whether you love the outdoors or prefer a more cool, ventilated space for a get-to-know-you kind of dating experience, look on below for some practical summer date ideas:

Have a picnic on the beach

For all you beach lovers, you can easily head on over to the beach to have a nice and soothing date. Simply put some food into your basket and find that big blanket. It doesn’t have to be fancy or exotic; think practical and tasty. For instance, load in hummus with raw veggies and a few milkshakes into your cooler. Also, don’t forget water for proper hydration and fruit for a delicious sweet treat. Gather some goodies, enjoy the sunset, and create conversations that pique your interests. This is totally a romantic and cheap date idea as well (if you are running low on cash). To make it more fun, play some card games or get-to-know-you games. Painting the view is another fun activity to consider. Use your imagination and create a fun time with good food.

Berry-picking fun

Berries are a delectable summer fruit. They are sweet, have many antioxidants, and can be used in many forms. Eat them raw, throw some frozen berries into your smoothie, or make a tasty homemade berry pie. Now you can go to the source of all berries and have a fun date out in the farm!

Outdoor movie event

When was the last time you went to an outdoor movie? Yes, going to an indoor movie is the common date hot spot, but since it’s summer out, take advantage of the great outdoors by going to an outdoor movie. Outdoor movies are more romantic and create an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation. Check your local paper if you want to find out the kinds of movies playing. The classics are always a go-to for the public screenings. So grab a snack and your date for a fun outdoor movie night.

Food festival

A food festival is a great date idea on a warm summer day. Whether you want to try out all the interesting foods or just experience new cultural activities, the food festival will entice you. It is less than formal, so if you enjoy the more relaxed type date, this will be your best bet. So head on over to your local food festival event and sample out the foods as well as your date.

Go rollerblading

Are you all about fitness and adventure? Do you own a pair of rollerblades? If so, go on an adventurous kind of date that is active and bound to create some interesting and fun memories. As children, rollerblading was popular. However, over the years as we grew older, the art of rollerblading became less of an interest to most of us as bikes became the new wheels of choice. If you still enjoy rollerblading, strap on a pair and head on out with your date. You decide where you ride. Take in the scenery in your favorite neighborhood spots and have races to make it more exciting.

Meet up for coffee and cake

Just because it’s hot and humid outside doesn’t mean you need to throw out the traditional dating habits like grabbing a cup of coffee. Simply find a cafe that pertains to your liking and drink up! This is a normal and civilized kind of date where clear conversation will work ideally. There is less of an activity at play here, but sometimes you just want to sit down and get to know your suitor without the distractions of an event. You sit face to face to get to know each other all the while enjoying the ambience of the cafe. Win-win!


There you have it, folks! Take the summertime as another great season to go on dates to get to know your potential suitor, and enjoy the moments with cultural food, unique events, creative pursuits, and exciting conversations. Whether you enjoy being active or prefer the traditional seated meetings, you can plan out your next date to perfection.

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