My theory is entropy
The reason for my heart’s stuttering beats
The only explanation for my scattered thoughts
Thoughts that hide at the edge of my subconscious
Eluding me when I need them most

It is the only word that comes to mind
As I try to convey the feelings you evoke in me
The way I am beginning to fray at the seams
While your fingertips leave burning lines on my arms
Your eyes seeing right through me

How is it that this thing called love
A force tethering us together by a silver string
Is able to tear me apart
Leaving me bare
Raw to the emotions you bring

We are two beings
Scattered parts in a giant universe
Two specks of dust in light of eternity
My love for you equals the weight
Of all the beautiful words you painted me with

The sound of my beating heart breaking out of rhythm
Falling into entropy—How you have undone me
A precious life made up out of oxygen and atoms
Out of all the people in the world
Oh how could I have been so lucky to meet you




Alanna Gray is 19 years old and has been writing since she was handed a pencil. She loves reading, and photography is also another big hobby of hers.

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