esther okade

It’s been said that when you wish upon a star, dreams can come true. Or, when you believe in yourself, you can blaze your own trail. Esther Okade is a ten-year-old British-Nigerian math prodigy who is currently enrolled in an online college program.

At the age of 3, Esther cried after school because “they don’t even let me talk.” So, her Nigerian-born parents started homeschooling her, and her intrinsic gift of math was quickly apparent. Esther took her first British high school qualification exam at six years old, but she only got a C-. Esther received an A- when she retook the exam a year later, proving to herself that she could accomplish anything through hard work. At that time, Esther started asking her mom to enroll her in an undergraduate online program. She had to beg her parents for three years before they would enroll her since they feared it was too advanced.

Their fears proved unfounded, though. Esther recently scored a 100 on one of her college level math tests, and she plans to graduate in two years and to continue in a PhD program in financial math.

Esther’s parents have established a foundation that is building a school in their homeland, Nigeria. Nigeria is a region of Africa that is rich in oil, yet the vast majority of its citizens live in poverty. The Okades’ plan is to build a school that can enroll up to 2,500 children — with at least 30% of them being local children on scholarship. They believe that education is the path that can lead the community out of poverty.

Following in her parents’ inspirational footsteps, Esther is currently working on a series of math workbooks that she has named Yummy Yummy Algebra. She has finished the first volume of the series and hopes to excite other kids to study math and realize that they are also capable of achieving great results with a bit of work. She has already inspired her younger brother, Isaiah, who will be taking his first high school qualification exam soon at the age of 6.

We don’t know about you, but we’re inspired, too.


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