Everybody Wants to Be Loved…

I think all of us believe in love stories. Even if you say that you don’t, I know that you do. Yours just hasn’t been written yet — or maybe it’s still in progress. But we all love something or someone because without love, we are just dead inside. I really think that love is the biggest gift that we’ve been given.

Cornetto Cupidity Love Stories made me believe in love stories again. Yes, sometimes they seem naive, and sometimes they are quite unbelievable, but this doesn’t make them fake, does it? If we really think about it, every love story starts as an impossible one because if often seems impossible to find the right person.

This little video warmed my heart. It shows that love may be complicated — and, yes, sometimes you may need to fight for it — but in the end it can all be worth it.

Who knows, maybe the next story will be about you.

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