Existential Calendar Change

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I’m not one for New Year’s Resolutions. That doesn’t mean that I’m going to yell at you or throw an angry cat in your face if you decide to make resolutions — power to you — because I get it. I understand that some people need the incentive; they need the set-in-stone fact of the calendar rolling around to make a change. And I respect that.

But, personally, I’m one for making a change when you want to make it — to not wait for the excuse of January 1st to change something about yourself. Why waste the time being your old you while waiting for the new year when you could be a new you overnight? That might just be the impatient side of me talking — said impatience is probably why I can make changes so quickly — but I’m not sure waiting for the new year actually ends up doing any good in the grander scheme of things.

I actually don’t understand New Year’s. Why on Earth is it in the middle of winter? Why should something new begin during an in-between, let alone the coldest in-between of the year? Why not wait until the first day of spring? Oh, wait, that’s the Persian calendar. *hops off the Gregorian bus*

Regardless, if you’ve decided to drink more water, trade vegetables for fast food, or finally ask for help regarding a serious issue, go you. You’re awesome. In Wild, Cheryl Strayed’s mom asks her to be her “best self,” and that’s my wish for you. Make your changes, make your resolutions, and do so whenever you want, but always approach those changes with your “best self” in mind. For all my nagging about how much I don’t understand the point of New Year’s, I do think that change is good, and change is important. No one is meant to be the same forever, and your “best self” should always be the endgame.

I hope my list takes me a little bit closer to my “best self.”

Breakdown of Emily’s Maybe-New-Resolutions, for your enjoyment:
  • Make water intake more of a thing
  • Make water usage less of a thing
  • Pie crust
  • Snails
  • Less technology
  • Laughter
  • Croissants, possibly bread
  • No sharks
  • More Greek


Happy New Year (If you follow the Gregorian calendar)!


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