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To quote the late, great, and ever so stylish Coco Chanel, “A girl should be two things: who and what she wants!” A fashion icon and also a legend for expressing herself, Ms. Chanel showed the world who she was through her grace, poise and beauty, not to mention her impeccable and glamorous wardrobe! So how do you express yourself?

“Expression” is the process or way someone makes their thoughts or feelings known to others – in other words, showing one’s individuality. Some people express themselves through music, while others have tattoos or wild hair dos. Often, a person will take it to the extreme and express themselves in a way that goes slightly against societal norms and conventional expectations, such as Lady Gaga wearing a meat suit or someone covering their entire body with ink. To you or me, that might be a little strange. But to them, it’s just being them!

Photo by Eric McGregor
Photo by Eric McGregor

However, sometimes caring too much about showing your individuality can be lead to diminishing your “originality” and who you actually are. A lot of people believe that for someone to notice you, you have to stand out and not blend in. But then, if you get too caught up in being “noticed,” it’s easy to fall into the trap of being different for the sake of being different. I don’t want to name any names, but “belieb” me, it happens! And at that point, that’s not individualism, that’s just a different way of letting oneself be influenced by the crowd or putting on a show!

So, in an effort to prevent that from happening, here are five simple ways on how to express yourself and show your own individuality.

1.)  Make some music – Ever try your hand at writing a song? Putting your words down on paper and adding some music to it is not only therapeutic, but also an excellent way to express yourself. If you’re not the creative type to write your own, simply listening to music is a great way to connect with your emotions and get in touch with your inner self while expressing your individuality. Try creating a playlist for several different moods and when you’re ready, pop it in, sit back and relax, or sing your heart out!


2.)  Create art – Whether you like to paint, draw, scrapbook, or perhaps baking is your thing, have some fun getting creative with art. A cool idea is to pretend you are a make-up artist or a fashion runway designer. Sit in front of the mirror or grab your friend or little sister, and practice new make-up techniques, fashion designs and colors on them. Crazy hair and make-up doesn’t have to wait until next Halloween or Fashion Week!


Adapted from
Adapted from

3.)  Get physical – Turn on your favorite dance playlist, throw on a jog bra and work up a sweat! Exercise is one of the best ways to get in touch with your body and express your feelings. Not only will you be doing something productive to get ready for bathing suit weather, you’ll also feel better mentally afterwards! Try hiking with a friend, lifting weights, running, catch a spin class or even get your groove on at Zumba! You’ll be having fun without even realizing that you’re working out!


4.)  You’re a poet, and you don’t even know it – Just like writing song lyrics, poetry and short stories can help you release inner emotions and show your individuality. Writing a love poem can help you heal from a break-up or impress the one you love. You can make your poems rhyme, if you’ve got the time. Just let the words flow and see where you go!


5.)  Try something new – When I say try something new, I don’t mean try on a new outfit. I’m talking about discovering a new talent like singing or getting a new hobby like jewelry making. You can even try something new and adventurous and perhaps conquer a fear like bungee jumping. Whatever you choose, have fun with it!

So whether you go with the crowd or against the grain, maybe one day you’ll be noticed and the next day you’ll blend in. As long as you’re comfortable in your own skin and choices you make, and as long as you make them for yourself, you will always be you. You are special and unique. You are original, no matter how or which way you express it. And if anyone tells you differently or questions you why, you tell them, “Just go ask Ms. Chanel!”





Jennifer Warchol was voted “Peppiest & Craziest” and “Miss High School,” and she was a cheerleader in both high school and college. She graduated at the top of her class and went on to major in Journalism and minor in Public Relations at the University of Texas. Priding herself as a “city girl” and the next Carrie Bradshaw, she has lived in Manhattan, Boston, Chicago, Austin, and San Francisco. Now, though, she enjoys her suburban, stay-at-home-mom life in Hartland, Wisconsin, with her loving husband of 10 years and her three young children. Jennifer is in the process of starting her own PR firm, has two books in the works, and enjoys Zumba, snow tubing, kickboxing, and, of course, shopping.

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