I’ve always been a relatively shy person, only opening up and having bursts of “weirdness” around the people who I am truly comfortable with. I’m the first to admit that when it comes to making a decision, I always lean towards the safer choice. It may be because of past rejections, or it may just be because I can be boring at times.

That being said, I have a weird habit of taking more chances as soon as summer begins. Something about the California heat, the summer parties, and the unwillingness to be in a bikini makes me okay with the idea of putting myself in unfamiliar situations. Also, it has been proven that Vitamin D, which is naturally released by the sun, helps your endorphins, resulting in an overall better mood. Even if my decisions don’t work out in the end, they somehow always pay off with some kind of life lesson.

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photo via instagram @larayacamo

For example, two summers ago I dated (and I use that word loosely) someone who I never in my wildest dreams would have ever considered dating. In the end it did not work out for multiple reasons — including thinking with my heart rather than my head. I learned so much through the experience, though, and it helped me have a deeper insight into human behavior. Another example is when I went to a beach party where I knew no one, which I would never, and I mean never, do. It was one of the best parties I had ever been too, and I met so many cultured people from around the world. By putting myself out there, I made myself more vulnerable and stepped out of the comfort zone in which I felt so safe. When stepping out of something, you also step in to something new and mysterious. You meet new people, broaden your horizons, and learn things that you can’t learn from books.

There is never a downside to self improvement, so to speak, so finding the time to work on yourself and help yourself is very important. By setting aside a time to do so, you not only take time to focus on yourself, but you also take the time to enjoy other subjects aside from yourself. Enjoy summer with a clear mind and a free spirit.



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