I float in a blurred balance of life,
Slowly falling through the dark spaces in between the light,
Filling in the blanks with my own absurd assumptions.

I swim with the current,
Basking in the fleeting peace of the world,
Flying, in search of child-like wonder.

Trying to understand,
I lock myself away,
Oddly disappointed with the loneliness that I feel.
Nonexistent walls are the hardest to break.





CassandrapgermphotoCassandra Peterson is a 17-year-old from Massachusetts. She enjoys reading, writing, and singing in her school choir. Currently in her senior year of high school, she plans on pursuing a college degree and becoming a teacher in secondary English. Beyond that, she hopes to someday become an author and inspire people through her works. She wants her readers to be able to feel the emotions in whatever she may write, but most of all she just wants to tell a good story.

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