prom1While I drive her home from the movie theater, she tells me about the junior prom. And how she bought her black gauze gown with a thigh high slit from The Well. And earrings that dangle to her collar bone. And a boy from the baseball team dumped his girlfriend because he wanted to slip the corsage on her wrist. And she feels guilty saying yes or saying no to him so she’s been ignoring his calls. And so the phone keeps ringing. And so he asks his friends for advice in the lockerroom. And seventeen year old boys cannot be trusted with advice, or lockerrooms. And at a party, he is drunk and grabs her with both hands. And spills his beer on her Bob Dylan tee shirt. And so she spits at him. And the other boys at the party use feminist like a curse word they learned from their older brothers. And she does not apologize. And she does not apologize.




chelsea coreenChelsea Coreen is a full-time sparkle enthusiast. She was a member of the SUNY Oneonta poetry slam team and competed at the national College Union Poetry Slam Invitational for three consecutive years. She has been published in Art and Scope as well as Selfies in Ink, and recently released her first chapbook Glitter Bomb in March of 2014. Follow her on Twitter @chelseacoreen

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