Germ Beauty Picks: December

Hey, Germies!

This month I got into the natural side of skincare, and it paid off big time. Natural and homemade cosmetics are a bit on the pricey side, but I assure you that your skin will love you for it. The trick with natural cosmetics is to not be afraid to try them, even if they may look green, lumpy, and smell a little like Vicks VapoRub (It won’t be that bad, I promise).

These are products that I’ve adopted into my life for good, and it’s changed the way I look at my skin. It’s also taught me to really analyze the products that I used to buy from drugstores and Target. I definitely prefer these more natural products to the ones I used before, but everyone has a preference, and these just happen to be mine right now. I hope you try them out and like them as much as I do!


ocean salt scrub
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Ocean Salt: Face and Body Scrub

This scrub is just a pot full of amazing.  With its blue tint and slightly limey scent, Lush’s Ocean Salt scrub is pleasing to the senses and to the skin. All of the products from this line are handmade with natural ingredients, and your skin really benefits from the natural juices, oils, and organic formulas.

The scrub itself has a crunchy texture due to the large granules of salt, which are what make the scrub so effective. You can keep scrubbing until the salt dissolves, feeling your skin tingle with the lime juice and vodka-infused formula.

When you rinse it off, you’ll notice almost immediately how much softer and brighter your skin looks and feels. I honestly couldn’t stop touching my face after I used this for the first time. So there you go: Buy this and people won’t be able to resist touching your smooth and supple face, which also happens to smell slightly like vodka (which is really just a bonus).


Mask of Magnaminty: Face and Body Mask

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This mask/scrub is just plain magic. The first time I used this product, I was desperately searching for something to make my face look not dead. I went to Lush and asked an associate if she could suggest something to liven up my face in order to help me look like a 21-year-old girl instead of a 21-year-old zombie. I think she sensed my desperation, so she offered me a sample and a demonstration of one of their most popular masks. She selected a pot from the shelf, walked me to a table with a metal bowl of warm water, and set to work.

She scooped up a generous amount of the mask with her fingers and gently smoothed it onto my forearm. I could feel the cooling sensation of the peppermint and the roughness of ground up aduki beans scrubbing away the dead skin, and I instantly felt my skin becoming so much cleaner (cheesy, but true).

After a good amount of time massaging my arm, she let the mask dry and set for about 10 minutes. When the mask dries, your skin tightens a little with it, and I could feel my pores smiling. Then it was time to rinse. The mask starts to give a little as you wet it, so you have a second opportunity to exfoliate any dead skin left on your face by making big circular motions. We compared my arms after my skin was dry, and the difference was kind of crazy. One arm was practically glowing, and the other was like a dull light bulb. What I’m trying to say is that this product gets the job done. The first time I used this on my face, I (again) kept asking everyone I could find to touch it (my mom got a little tired of stroking my face — although I can’t imagine why). I truly fell in love with this product, and I recommend it to everyone.

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