Hey, Germies!
This month’s picks are all about healthy skin and hair. After all, health is beauty!



 St. Ives Green Tea Scrub

St Ives
Image courtesy of www.stives.com

This is a product I’ve been using for about 2 years now.  Whenever I would feel myself breaking out or just having a bad face day, I would run some warm water and lightly massage the scrub on my face.  The green tea formula is supposed to help with redness as well as help in the healing process of existing acne and scars; and, for me, it delivered. The first time I used it, I could feel my problem areas on my face deflate, and within 2-3 days of using the scrub, they were gone!

Now, I have combination skin (a little bit oily in some places, a little bit dry in others), so for me this product works perfectly. For someone with dry skin, though, it could be a little drying, so take your time applying moisturizer and make sure it really soaks into your face. This scrub has saved my life (rather my face) more than once, and it’s something I wouldn’t want to be without. I always want my skin to be the healthiest it can be, and with this product I truly feel I’m on my way.


 Aussie’s 3-Minute Miracle (color)

Image courtesy of www.aussie.com
Image courtesy of www.aussie.com

Now, 2 reasons I have this particular color protector conditioner:  I was thinking about dyeing my hair and (more importantly) My mother bought it. However, I’m sure that the conditioner not specified for color is just as wonderful as the one that is.  Anyway, I try to keep my hair pretty healthy, but with the summertime comes the beach, and with the beach comes salt water, harsh rays, and unforgiving wind. After about 2 days at the beach, my hair is a wreck. Dry from the salt water, frizzy from the wind, and fried from the sun. Although the good times were worth the sacrifice, I need my hair back, and this was just the thing I needed to get it back on track.

This conditioner is a bit more concentrated than a regular one, so all you need (depending on how much hair you have) is about a quarter-sized glob to mix into the conditioner you regularly use. Work the mixture from root to tip, and leave on for at least 3 minutes — or you can leave it longer (I always do). Just rinse, and you’re all set for restored hair that shines and screams “healthy”!


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