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Image courtesy of Sizzy Rocket’s Instagram

Let’s take a trip all the way back to ancient history: 1986. Okay, so it’s not exactly ancient, but it’s back before I was born — so it might as well be, right?

It was this year that the legendary hip hop group Beastie Boys released their notorious album: Licensed to Ill. This is the album that contained the overwhelmingly sexist track, “Girls.” Now, being a fan myself, I’m certainly not here to trash Beastie Boys, but the fact remains that the song contains lyrics that are overtly degrading to women.

I mean, let’s be real. I don’t actually want to do my own laundry, so I definitely don’t want to do yours.

There is some discussion as to whether the song was meant to be taken literally or satirically because the band was known to do that. *See: “(Ya Gotta) Fight For the Right (To Party).” However, there has been no consensus made of which I’m aware.

Flash forward nearly 30 years to the present day: Artist Sizzy Rocket has decided that it’s time to take the song back for womankind. She has created her own parody of the famous song that points out the ways in which woman are needlessly (and constantly) sexualized and demeaned.

So, check out her feminist version of the tune that will have you simultaneously dancing along and raising a fist in solidarity.

Disclaimer: The following video does contain both strong language and visuals. Continue with caution.

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