Golden rule of being a feminist by Snimar

Today I learned the golden
rule of feminism.
Tip 101 of being the right kind of
I can’t like the colour pink.
So, this is how it works:
Pink is labeled as a woman’s colour
and if I happen to like it
I am succumbing to the pressure of
But, uh, I’m sorry to say
I’m not drowning under the waves
Of society.
‘Dude, you feminist type don’t usually
like girly things.’
Oh? Since when did activism
start to come with strings?
‘Come on! You know what I mean,
you are here to fight for equality,
You can’t go about not doing radical sh**.’
I never knew believing in a cause
meant not having my choice.
You see, I thought I could like the
Colour pink, and
I could choose to stay home, and
I could choose to grow my hair.
But now I hear the drums loud and clear,
‘Hear ye! Hear ye, hear!
you can’t be a feminist
you can’t be a woman fighting
how, well your cause is a shrink
After all
You’re a woman who likes pink?’


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