Good Friends

Good friends are the people who acknowledge when you’re sad, when you’re struggling, and who do everything that’s possible to support you and make you feel like you’re not alone.

Good friends are the people who you’re able to spend your time with and come away feeling fulfilled — feeling happy and loved and as though, no matter what happens, as long as you have your people around you to cheer you on, things will be okay.

Good friends are the ones who never let you deal with the hardships of life alone — who will call you up, come over, drop you a message just to make you smile when life has been taking its toll and the sleep hasn’t been coming as easy as it used to.

Good friends are not perfect friends. Sh** happens and people make mistakes. Life can create a wedge between people who were once inseparable, but that doesn’t necessarily have to mean that the wedge has to create an irreparable divide.

Good friends don’t have to come in their tens. They don’t even have to be counted on one hand. Having 1 good friend can be enough. Value the ones who are there, and don’t waste your energy being sad over the ones that have let you down.

Find friends who help you grow — who help shape you and who see your potential. Don’t stay in toxic friendships because friends can break your heart too.

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