Drowsy and wonderfully drunk,
I lay down on my back on the carpet,
everyone else outside, drinking in
that limbo between high school and college.
Then a girl who was
my friend crawled up out of nowhere
and straddled me.
Bright-eyed and smiling
and very drunk, not herself,
she tugged at my shirt and said, “Come on.
Everyone’s outside.”seaside-371229_640
In four years I’d never seen her
eyes like that.  Those eyes.
And not myself then, I could have
taken a chance.
The air buzzed around us;
everything seemed riding on
the beer on our breaths…
But she was my friend,
so I helped her help me
up, and we stumbled, arm in arm,
out into a hazy night.
For all I knew there’d be plenty
of moments like this.


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