Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day, and there are commemorations taking place all throughout Europe. This year marks the 70th anniversay of Auschwitz-Birkenau being liberated, and this video shows survivors of the death camp returning to Auschwitz to remember those who died. Many cried, justifiably, out of pain and out of thankfulness for being alive.

Others were upset that Auschwitz still stood. A woman at the very end said the following:

“I feel disgusted that it’s all still here.”

“I lost my family here. I lost four sisters and a brother in the gas chambers.”

“Hopefully, the world is going to learn that this should never happen again.”


Unfortunately, a new wave of anti-Semitism has begun again in recent times, and hopefully the site of Auschwitz and the events of the holocaust will remind everyone that hatred of any kind, especially hatred of an entire people group, brings nothing but destruction and is inhumane.

It is difficult for me to write this post because there are no words I can use that are powerful enough to convey the horror and pain of the holocaust, and there is no way for me to express just how important it is for the world to never forget what happened. We must learn from our mistakes and must make sure that it never happens again.


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