We all dream of travelling around the world, but how many of us actually go out there and do it? The secret is to do it when you’re young, and taking a gap year is a perfect time. The only problem is that few of us have the money or the means to pay our way around the world at this age. Luckily for you, here are a few ideas that will allow you to use your innate creativity to enjoy the entire world on a shoestring budget. Take a look for yourself, and then get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

Volunteering will pay for your food and board

Volunteering is a great way to swap hard work for food and a place to sleep. For example, you can walk the Camino de Santiago with practically no money in your pocket simply by helping out at the albergues and volunteering your way across Spain. But even better than that, you get the chance to give something back to the world. It’s an opportunity to see how much of a difference just a few committed people can make in the world, and you’ll take pride in the whole experience. Look for causes that are close to your heart, and you’ll have the energy and motivation to really make a difference during your travels.

Becoming an influencer is the smarter way to travel

Influencers get paid to travel, especially the ones with large Instagram followings. If you can create a following that cares about what you think about the places you visit on your travels, you’ll soon be getting paid to advertise them. It’s a case of balancing networking and paid ads with great quality, organic content. You’ll know when you have struck the right balance if it’s meant to be.

Street performing is perfect if you have a talent

If you’re a gymnast, skateboarder, or even a singer, street performing is the easiest way to get paid for showcasing your talent. It’s something people love in all corners of the world, and it’s a great way to spend a few hours enjoying yourself whilst stacking up the pennies. Give a little bit of thought to how you can create a set routine to practice, and you’ll be a verified pro before you know it. Just make sure to build in plenty of audience participation if you really want to start raking it in.

Bar work is needed just about everywhere

Bar work may be the clichéd way to earn some extra money on your travels, but it’s still needed just about everywhere. The key here is to be engaging, positive, and flexible. You may not always want to go to work, or to work an early shift, but the readier you are to take it up, the more money you’ll get. More money means more opportunities to go and see the world, so it’s a win for everyone.

Personal trainers are always in demand

If you love to keep fit, then why not consider becoming a personal trainer? It’s something you can do anywhere, and it’s easy to advertise your services when you roll into town. Spread the word with the locals, and train your first couple of clients outdoors—in a busy public park if they’re happy to do it there. It’ll be the best marketing you can get, and you’ll be getting paid in the process.

Working with the locals for a few months will be incredible

Getting to know the locals is what travelling the world is all about, so think about how you can work hand in hand with them. If there’s a local industry that most people are working in, ask around and get yourself some part-time work so you can get involved. It’s a great way to get a real insight into the local culture.


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