There is one key ingredient to getting fit: having fun! You won’t continue a sport that you don’t really enjoy. I know it is very hard to find a sport and to have the courage to try out new things; but, I can promise you that you won’t regret trying because some day you will have found that one thing you are passionate about. Two months ago I started to play handball, and it was very difficult for me to start a new sport and have the courage to go there more often than once. But I did it. I haven’t missed any practice, and I can’t live without it anymore. It has become a big part of my life, and I hope that you will find your sport soon, too!

1. Try Out New Sports

Maybe you are already in a sports club, but you often find yourself not really wanting to go to practice. A reason for that might be that you don’t have fun, and when that is the case, it is time to try something new. Often you already have a sport in mind that you would like to try, but you’ve always made excuses. It doesn’t matter that most people have done certain sports since they were young children. You can still reach your goals. You might not go to the Olympic Games, but you have the chance to succeed. You can also become a better person because sports give you more self-confidence.

2. Home Workouts

Some people are more introverted, and all they need is motivational music and a bit of space. YouTube is full of sports videos. There are videos for every level, and some are also really short. Have you ever tried HIITs? These are High Intensity Interval Trainings and are only around fifteen minutes long. They are really helpful because you do a lot of exercise, but you don’t have to commit hours of time.

3. Team Sports

I think we all know that it can be hard to stay focused to do exercise. When you are unmotivated, it is difficult, and you often stop before you reach your goals. The best solution for that is probably team sports since you have a team that you don’t want to let down. It is your choice to join a team, and in most cases you won´t regret it! Not only do you make new friends, but you also get fit while having a lot of fun. Being on a team is like having a second family.


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