First of all, I think everyone who writes occasionally can agree that including writing in your daily routine can be quite a challenge. We all still love to write, though, and want to spend more time on it, so I have a few tips to share that help me to succeed.

What really helps me when I want to write for a longer time is to write it down as an appointment. I make sure to keep this time free of anything else. Just use this time to write. Turn off your smartphone, and concentrate on writing. This will be much more productive than when you do five things at once without focusing on the one main task of writing.

My second tip is to write wherever you are, whenever you have time write! It doesn’t matter when you don´t have your notebook with you or when you only have five minutes. Just draft your ideas or write a few sentences; scribble down whatever comes into your mind because this will help you when you put your story together. You don’t need to write a thousand words a day; just write as much as possible, and don’t measure yourself with professional writers or people who don’t have other commitments. Of course they can spend more time on writing, but that doesn’t matter as long as you do the best you can. So, get your pencil and paper out, or even your phone, and write while you wait for a train, when you have time between meetings, or whenever you simply have a spare moment.

Try to write more regularly; for example, sit down every Wednesday in the evening and write for an hour. It will be similar to being on a sports team. You will have firm writing times that will help you to continue writing and to spend more time doing so. It is much easier once you got into that routine.

Writing might not be the same as playing a sport or playing an instrument because it isn’t as wide-spread, but feel comfortable with it as a hobby. When you don’t feel good when writing because you’re worrying about the opinions of others, you won’t continue writing.

My last tip is to find people who also write. The Internet is full of people who love to write and want to find like-minded people. When you find someone who shares the same interest, writing will probably become much easier because you will have someone you can write with; you can also talk with them about writing, and you can read each other’s work and give honest feedback. I love to write with friends because we will keep each other motivated and can help with difficult phrases.

I hope that my tips will help you. Keep on writing !

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