How to Make the Most out of Summer

Summer is nearly over, but I have no doubt that you are feeling on top of the world as the days free of study, assignments, and homework stretch out ahead of you. But, if you don’t start being productive, then boredom and despair will rapidly descend, and you’ll find yourself longing for that busy feeling again. Although the thought of summer is one of the only things that gets you through the long winter days, it can quickly pass you by in a whirlwind with you having achieved nothing more than a few Netflix binges and nights out with friends. Here are a few tips to ensure that this is not the case. You only get a few months every year, so why not make the most of it?

Be a Tourist

Traveling has never been easier or more inexpensive, and what better way to have a blast this summer then to jet off with a group of friends. If you are heading abroad, make sure to research where you are staying beforehand so you can make a list of places you want to see and activities you want to do. If interrailing is the plan, check out the great selection of hostels that can be found at relatively cheap prices. However, you don’t have to go to faraway, exotic locations to be a tourist and have a holiday. Staying at home is no excuse for marathons of your favourite TV show day in and day out. You can still get out and be a tourist at home. Visit the local parks, museums, and other attractions. Who knows… home may be even more interesting than abroad.


“How do I pay for all these incredible trips?” you may ask as you peer into your empty wallet. The answer is simple: Get a job. Although the idea of getting up in the morning and dragging yourself in to serve customers or hang clothes may not be your idea of fun, it is an excellent way to teach yourself about budgeting and to learn transferable skills that will stand to you in the future. And a bonus is that you will be earning your own money and, therefore, won’t be completely relying on your parents. Those festival tickets and cocktails won’t pay for themselves, after all. If a part-time job isn’t for you, there is always the option of doing an internship and gaining valuable experience in your field. Even if you end up doing coffee runs or trips to the photocopying machine for the majority of the time, it will undoubtedly stand to you in the future.


Many may view summer as “me” time, where you don’t have to worry about college or school work and aren’t going off anyone’s clock but your own. It is also a great time, though, to give back to your local community and volunteer your time to help others. Whether this involves helping at a children’s summer camp or doing soup runs, it will definitely be worthwhile and will also be a nice addition to your CV.

Start Something New

What better time to pick up a new skill than summer when you have buckets and buckets of free time. There might be a language that you’ve always wanted to master or an instrument sitting in the corner gathering dust. There are loads of YouTube tutorials on all sorts of skills — from origami to baking — so why not set aside a few hours every day to work on something cool. The longer hours of sunshine are also a great opportunity to get out and go for a jog or a cycle so you can get fit as well as soak up that precious Vitamin D.

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