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Drawstring bags are a popular choice today. One of the reasons people may decide on purchasing drawstring bags, cinch bags, or string backpacks is their light weight and the many ways to personalize the bag. You can use a drawstring backpack as a school bag, office bag, gym bag, beach bag, or even a diaper bag. You may want more than one drawstring backpack so that you have one for each occasion. For example, you may want one for school and one for the gym. You may want one for work, one for the gym, and one for a diaper bag. There are so many uses for a drawstring bag, and personalizing or decorating the bag makes it all the better.

There are many websites and online stores where you can purchase a personalized drawstring bag. You can choose from many different colors, patterns, and sizes. You have the option of adding your name, initials, business name, or team name to your bag. You can also choose to add a logo or picture to your bag.

Team Colors or Logo

Personalizing your bag with your team colors and team logo and adding your name will keep you from getting your bag mixed up with someone else’s. You can even upload a favorite photo of your family, friends, or pet to add to your bag. You have the option of either placing a small picture or logo on your bag or covering the entire bag with the image. This is the same when it comes to decorating your bag with your name or initials.

Personalized for the Whole Family

One way of personalizing a bag for a beach vacation would be to add a family picture to the bag. On the other side of the bag, you can add your family name. You could take along drawstring backpacks for each family member and personalize each bag with their name and favorite color. You could get one for your mom that says “Mom’s Vacation Bag.” These could be fun for the entire family to design.

Cute Storage/Organization

You can use a drawstring backpack for many things. We all try to keep our rooms as organized as possible, and these bags can act as laundry bags as well, being labeled “whites,” “colors,” and “darks”; simply hang them on a hook on the wall of a bedroom or bathroom! Or, you can label the laundry bags with names, such as “Britt’s Laundry Bag.” This would make a great organizational tool that’s also easy to carry.

Decorate It Yourself

You can also purchase your drawstring bag in the color of your choice and personalize it yourself. You can go to your local craft store and purchase fabric paint, fabric markers, sequins, beads, glitter, fabric glue, glue on letters, and more. You even have the option of adding beads to the drawstrings for an added touch. This can become a family project or a project with friends or your sports team. This would be fun for all, and when completed, there would be no two bags left alike. So, for those of you who like your things to be unique, this is a great idea.

When deciding on which drawstring backpack, cinch bag, or string backpack you are going to choose, make sure it is machine washable—especially if you are using the bag as a gym bag. I would imagine you would want to wash a gym bag more often than  bag you would be taking on a family trip once a year. This would take some thought when crafting your own bag with the supplies that you purchase from your local craft store.


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