Your love took me by storm
Like a hurricane
Wrecking everything
In its way
It did not brew
It took me by surprise
When I was slowly falling asleep
And then waking up abruptly
Like I was falling
Which is what I did
Fall in love
With you
With your blue eyes
That resembled a storm
With your sweet words
You called me beautiful
And I believed you
However sweet you were
You ripped everything
Every page
In my book
Still I love you
Cherish you
Put you first
I can feel you
forgetting me
I’m just not ready
To stop thinking about you




Cathrine Nevelius is from a little town in Norway. Writing and reading is something she has done for as long as she can remember, and it has helped her escape. When she grows up, she wants to travel the world and write poems and stories. Her obsessions are reading, writing, her cat, hot chocolate, and Instagram. She hasn’t done much in life, but she hopes her writing will inspire others in whatever way they need it. Her Instagram is @caath.books.

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