RK girl in sun
Photo courtesy of Rachel Kertz

I am the girl who draws stories from thin air
I ponder the line between fantasy and reality
I hear the whisper of the air and the soft voices contorted between two realities
I see the golden mist, nonexistent but in the eyes of youth
I wish to emerge from the cold darkness of reality and into the sparkling, shimmering, fake worlds of fantasy
I am the girl who draws stories from thin air

I pretend my stories are true, that I breathe in the cool air of the setting contorted to my wishes
I feel the cool hard edges of reality enclosing me
I am bothered that I am not able to burst free from the holds of order and normality
I get sad when I am overwhelmed by the real problems around me, as if I am shackled to a rock
I try to write meaningfully, to make an impact
I am the girl who draws stories from thin air

I believe that people are a contortion of gray
I dream that my stories will become reality
I hope I will be known for my wordplay and tales I spin out upon cream-colored paper
I want to write forever
I know I cannot, for the reality of the world is cold and hard, but beautiful
I am the girl who draws stories from thin air





Priya Rinkus is an aspiring author who has been writing novels since a young age. She finds inspiration and comfort in novels, particularly ones by her favorite authors. Her dream is to publish her novel, which she is on the fifth draft of. She is also a swimmer.

Rachel Kertz
 was born in a small town in Missouri in 1988. While earning her degree at Southeast Missouri State University, she became interested in photography and began using her commutes as excuses to go on long drives through the rural countrysides, hoping to find locations and abandoned houses to photograph. She hopes to convey relatable stories in her images that speak to her audience on themes such as loneliness, love, exploration, and the feeling of being alone in unconventionally beautiful places. You can find more of her work on Flickr.

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