I don’t know
If it matters
That I was here

That my voice was small
And cracking
My bones were fractured ideas and
miscalculations of happiness

I was here
I watched the sun bleed over the sky
Dipping her toes into dusk
stretching her arms out

in between each inhale and exhale
I pressed my hands into the sandbox
Small grains of sand slipped through my fingers

I wrote this moment down because I was here
I felt the knives digging into my skin
The shards of glass stuck between my teeth
There was a  sting  creating
A perfectly straight line of red dots
Felt like relief and release
The yellow caution tape wrapped me like a gift

existed in the space
Occupied for silence
In abandoned buildings
Broken windows and slanted walls caving in
I was there
Swimming in saltwater tears
Trying to hold my breath
Treading water

They might say that there was ink in my veins
That my words had wings
But I never once touched the sky



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