If you have at all ventured into the vast world of comedy podcasts, I have to believe that at some point you’ve come across the McElroys — partly due to the sheer number of podcasts to which they’re attached, but that’s not to deny their quality and popularity. Brothers Justin, Travis, and Griffin create the My Brother, My Brother, and Me podcast, which provides advice — though my advice is to not take it — to fans who write in and to unsuspecting Yahoo Answers users. Though the Brothers have built a reputation on the satirical, off-mic they have proven time and again to genuinely care for others and to try to do their best and have others do the same.

Most recently, the day after the election, when many people — myself included — were devastated and filled with fear by the results, Travis, the “middlest” brother, recorded a quick message to fans simply to provide some comfort and to show everyone that they are not alone.

In his “fireside chat,” Travis talks about when he feels anxious and how he holds his wife’s hand to help him feel better or more at ease. Then he says to the listener: “…just know that wherever you are and whoever you are, I am holding your hand. I’m with you.”

The phrase “I am holding your hand” took hold in the fanbase in the form of a hashtag. It’s a way of telling others where you are and that you’re with them. It’s a way of witnessing that you aren’t alone in this. Someone is ready to stand by you and hold your hand.getimage

Several artists stepped forward to create a design that has been made into various products — buttons, magnets, stickers, etc. — that you can purchase here, and all of the royalties are being donated to the ACLU.

I want to encourage you all to consider buying something and literally wearing your support for one another on your sleeve. If you can’t financially support, still look into the hashtag. You may find the support you need, or you may be able to offer some.

To all the Germies right now who are feeling scared or uncertain, I want you to know that I’m standing with you, and I’m holding your hand. You are not alone. You are loved. You are wanted.

I’ll leave you with the words (that you can buy on a T-shirt) of Justin McElroy from a recent MBMBaM episode: “I’m gonna wake up and keep trying to do good and so are you, and nobody gets to vote on that.”

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