Shakespearean Sonnet

Shall we please sail not the ships on the sea?
But its abomination, the cold ice
Sailing which, evermore we shall be free:
And so avoid love’s tolls and its price.
Shall we rid ourselves of love’s solemn ship?
And risk not the turmoils of the ocean?
For ships be but boards, and ropes be but whips,
That shall punish, or toss by the motion.
So let us jump, jump aboard so we live,
Not be bound by frigid laws of dull love,
Let us learn to accept faults and forgive
To be worthwhile, ere we are sent above.
So herein lies my love’s final request
To make ice our home, and true love our quest.





Soham Bagchi is a high school student living in Gurgaon, India. He writes poetry and prose (enjoys structured verse), listens to music, and has many other interests, all tied together by his determination and passion. You can find more of his work at

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