If the Earth ever stopped for anyone, it did for us
I can talk all I want
About science
And coincidence
And the bald, horrifying truth
That getting old
Always is alone
And that every couple I have ever seen
Has fallen out of love
At least once

But you make my most secret heart come awake
Whispering to me in the lonely dark
And the Earth. Stands. Quiet.
Watching us
Waiting, holding its breath
For every time I look at you
A little too long
And every little step
That brings us together
I start to wonder
If anyone could make it
It might be us

There is the argument
That Fate exists not
And the planets orbit
As they always have
And our sun smoldered sighs
Have faded before they began
Lost in wildest dreams
And imminent, epic tragedy
Kisses faded as mist
And you and I, inevitable
Though we claim to love eternal
Will disappear as easily
Leaving no trace
As the sun also rises
As the world turns

If there’s anyone
I’d get broken again for
Anyone I would let hold
This fragile, blue heart
My own little planet
Vulnerable and bereft
It would be you

Perhaps our best bet
Is torn skin
And inked hearts
That are bound
To bleed
As we are meant
To burn to dust



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