Catch your dreams...before they fade away like clouds.
Catch your dreams… before they fade away like clouds.


Abandoned houses and castles, forests and foreign cultures let me dream. Daydreams allow me the entrance into a world in which I can flee always and in every situation. I experience things as I would like them, and I walk through worlds that are overcrowded with ideas and stories. I feel like Alice in Wonderland and hide myself from reality with my thoughts. I want to drink a cup of tea with talking bunnies and a hatter, stroking a Cheshire Cat and playing croquet with flamingos. Photography allows me to make my ideas come to reality. I forget the time while I photograph and build up my set. That which I photograph, I want to feel.

– Katharina Jung








Tailor's Fairytale
Tailor’s Fairytale





Beast Inside
Beast Inside


Take Me With You
Take Me With You



Self-PortraitKatharina Jung was born in 1993 in Hermeskeil, in the southwest of Germany. In 2009-2011, she received her baccalaureate diploma in textile and fashion design. In 2011-2014, she trained as a media designer. Since February 2013, she’s loved converting daydreams into pictures. To see more of her works, go to her website or visit her Facebook page.

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