It was infectious. Everything about him. Everything.
Why did he smile like that? At me. At everything.
Nothing was worth smiling about.
Not like that.
The air was cold around me ─
Like a ton of bricks as it slammed me in the face
Each day upon my awake.
Sometimes when the coldness came I couldn’t help but shiver, shaking violently
As it permeated through me.
I couldn’t control when the coldness came
When it took over
When it was me. Me.
Maybe it was me.
No one else seems to ever feel the cold that I feel,
The grey that I see.
No fire ever brought warmth.
Yet aflame he stood there, tugging at the cold.
Stone ice dripping away
I couldn’t see the root of the flame.
But ignited, he was glowing.
All I could see was light.
Colour. Vibrant. Beautiful.
Secretly somewhere within my being
I wanted to smile too.
To smile again.
To live, to laugh, and to love like I could never be hurt, even though I always am.
My hand outstretched.
He turned. He looked. At me. Straight at me.
His eyes aflame.
A smile infectious.
On the cold stone slate that was my face ─
Grey, unchanging, a smile formed.
Spring finally came
And it was beautiful.


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