Infectious by Marlee John

It was infectious. Everything about him. Everything.
Why did he smile like that? At me. At everything.
Nothing was worth smiling about.
Not like that.
The air was cold around me ─
Like a ton of bricks as it slammed me in the face
Each day upon my awake.
Sometimes when the coldness came I couldn’t help but shiver, shaking violently
As it permeated through me.
I couldn’t control when the coldness came
When it took over
When it was me. Me.
Maybe it was me.
No one else seems to ever feel the cold that I feel,
The grey that I see.
No fire ever brought warmth.
Yet aflame he stood there, tugging at the cold.
Stone ice dripping away
I couldn’t see the root of the flame.
But ignited, he was glowing.
All I could see was light.
Colour. Vibrant. Beautiful.
Secretly somewhere within my being
I wanted to smile too.
To smile again.
To live, to laugh, and to love like I could never be hurt, even though I always am.
My hand outstretched.
He turned. He looked. At me. Straight at me.
His eyes aflame.
A smile infectious.
On the cold stone slate that was my face ─
Grey, unchanging, a smile formed.
Spring finally came
And it was beautiful.


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