The ticking of the clock tells me it’s time to dream,
About the rise of an empire or perhaps the downfall of a king.
Should it be about the towers embracing the skies or about how these dreams were woven of thievery and lies?
Should it be about how one empire lavishly grew or more about how the others burned under their rules?
Should it be about how the ruins of a city made the people rejoice or about how many tears the heavens cried?
Yes, it’s good to dream. About a place where words aren’t spoken but felt in each others’ heartbeat.
Oh, what a beautiful place would that be,
Without any hate or cruelty.
The ticking of the clock tells me it’s time to make amends.
It rings through my ears and never ends.





Shiny Horo is a 17-year-old teenager living in India. She is an avid reader, writer, star gazer, Rubik’s cube solver (yep!) with a very bad sense of humour. She loves travelling and exploring hidden wonders. She admires fireflies the most as they light up the dark. She is currently pursuing high school. You can find her on Instagram: @twintwinklers30

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