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Molly Bloom’s life was never easy. From Olympic athlete to underground casino owner, Bloom has a knack for the extraordinary, and Molly’s Game brilliantly showcases the life of the notorious woman who was talked about worldwide for her schemes. Jessica Chastain (The Help) brings Bloom to life, portraying her slick, intelligent demeanor on the big screen in an authentic and mesmerizing way.

Molly Bloom was dedicated from the time she was born. At a young age her father trained her to be an Olympian, with no sympathy for failure. So as she went through life, Bloom learned a simple lesson: Failure is never an option. When she leaves her family to live in Los Angeles, she gets what appears to be a normal office job; but this job leads her down a dark road of success, deceit, illegal activity, and drug addiction. While Molly seems to have it all and be an incredibly successful business woman, Chastain explicitly depicts her slow downfall and the tragedy that follows her decisions. She may have the business world in the palm of her hand, but was it worth giving up her soul to attain it?

Molly’s Game was one of the most striking films I’ve seen all year. Jessica Chastain gives her best performance, delivering the intelligent, sensual, and surprisingly thoughtful essence of the real Molly Bloom. I was completely stunned by not only the intensity of the film but also the emotional impact it delivers. The scenes between Molly and her father were heartbreaking, bringing me to tears. I never expected to be so moved by this true-to-life story, but the film delivers in every way. Molly’s Game entertains but also illustrates the power of determination and when our limits of integrity are pushed to the extreme.

She went from Olympian to a secretive hustler; Bloom did it all. With incredible writing and a moving story, Molly’s Game depicts the darker side of ethics and what it takes to find success. Catch Molly’s Game in theaters, and experience one of the most gripping films during the Oscar season.

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