Just Another One by Chance Walsh

An empty sky,
eyes turned up
searching, seeking
pupils speaking
of placement I ponder,
trying not to go under,
wade in the water,
wander in lands too vast and
full of lovers, dreamers, druggies and death.
I’m not alone as
I pace in solitude
the list of emotions is only so long
I linger on moments long after
they’re gone.
Dissect and dilute,
memories of humans I’ve used
all the words I have said…
and still,
I’m recycling them
reusing all the same excuses.
Polluting ears,
pleasing for popularity,
melding and morphing
missing and wanting
solid and real.
A genuine feeling
A thought that is just mine
An act that some part of me doesn’t regret.
Every time I wake up
I wonder why
It’s the same thoughts through my head
as my eyes search the sky.
And I speak of meaning
and madness
and sadness
every word is empty.
Just like me.



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