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Betrayal, lies, lost love, and new beginnings, all of which make up the pulse-pounding and romantic new release from Kami Garcia, Broken Beautiful Hearts. After dabbling in fantasy with her Beautiful Creatures series and transitioning to contemporary fiction with The Lovely Reckless, Garcia provides readers with an addicting and fast-paced story based on some of her own tragic experiences.

The story begins with Peyton, a soccer player with a chance to get a scholarship and move on to the college of her dreams. Her life seems to be going according to plan, with her perfect boyfriend and clear plans for life after high school, but everything takes a tragic turn when she discovers secrets about her boyfriend that she can’t believe. What shocks her even more is that he pushes her down a flight of stairs when he notices her discovery. Not only is her chance at a scholarship now non-existent, but now she has to prove what he did as he claims it was all just a freak accident. As she tries to pick up the pieces of her shattered life, Peyton must move on, escape the past, and see the hope that still remains. When she is sent off to live with her cousins in order to protect her from her obsessive and violent boyfriend, she might just discover that love can appear in the most unlikely of places.

Broken Beautiful Hearts was breathtaking. I expected a sugar sweet romance based on the cover, but Garcia has so much more to offer. Not only does she portray interesting family dynamics and an edgy romance, but she also fills almost every page with intensity and constant cliffhangers. I was hooked on Peyton’s words from start to finish. It was that good. Garcia has stepped up her game and has introduced a story that both male and female YA readers are certain to enjoy. From her stalker boyfriend to a new beginning with a boy she never expected to fall for, Peyton might just get the ending she always hoped for; but, the past is always certain to follow, no matter how far she runs.

He pushed her, and she knows it. There is no confusion in her mind. The difficult part is proving it and showing that his facade of care and affection is only there to stop everyone from discovering what he really did. Broken Beautiful Hearts takes readers on a wild and sweet ride through the complications of love and adolescence — a tale that is impossible not to enjoy. Garcia’s latest work released on February 6 and may just be one of the highlights in YA in 2018.

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