leanna-archer-4x3When most kids were still playing with toys, Leanna Archer started her own business called Leanna’s Hair. Archer’s Haitian grandmother would send Leanna’s family homemade haircare products, and Leanna would share the products with friends who complimented her on her hair. Soon enough, people were showing up on the Archer doorstep with money in hand because they loved the products, all of which are organic and made from an old family recipe. Archer credits the success of her company to a recent movement among women to stop using dangerous chemicals on their hair. Archer’s all-natural products work great, and they don’t damage the hair or cause health concerns associated with chemicals.

Unsatisfied with the simple status of a CEO of a six-figure company as a teenager, Archer founded a charitable organization, the Leanna Archer Education Foundation, which provides education and food to poverty-stricken children in Haiti. Leanna first visited Haiti in 2008, and she was shocked to see so many starving children living in the streets. Her next project was to start the Leanna Archer Foundation, which currently supports 200 children in Haiti. The foundation’s goal is to start a school to educate more children.

Leanna Archer is currently in college. She takes business classes so that she can continue to grow Leanna’s Hair, but she is majoring in Political Science. As a result of her foundation, Leanna is focusing on politics and perhaps running for office one day. She feels that a position in government is a place where she can make the most change economically and socially. Leanna also hopes that she can motivate others to act, whether it is to start their own business or to help the disadvantaged. If a teenager can make such a big difference, others can do the same.

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