Leonardo DiCaprio Finally Won an Oscar!

Last night, Leonardo DiCaprio officially transformed from an Oscar-nominated actor to an Academy Award-winning actor. His nomination for Best Actor for The Revenant was his 6th Academy Award nomination, and it was clear that everyone thought it was about time he won. Once his name was announced, the place erupted with cheers and applause, which almost instantly turned into a long standing ovation. While he thanked family, friends, and those who had helped him grow throughout his career, Leo mainly used his speech to talk about climate change, both raising awareness and urging people to make a change.

Leo’s inability to attain an Oscar has become a running joke over the years. The joke itself stemmed from the ridiculousness that such a talented and deserving actor had not yet received the prestigious award, despite him having numerous chances over the years with numerous nominations.

While some are mourning the loss of the Leo/Oscar meme, most are ecstatic that DiCaprio’s long-awaited moment finally came to fruition.

Go to Oscar.go.com to watch the official video of Leonardo DiCaprio’s acceptance speech as well as more highlights from last night’s Oscars.


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